Coontemporary Mood September 2013

Close up on one of Barbara Hitchcock's favourite images: taxi running in front of Central Station in Milan, 1984.
Barbara Hitchcock has been the curator of The Polaroid International Collection. She acquired from me two manipulated Polaroids, while Polaroid Italy acquired an instant B/W 35mm slide shot in East Berlin, 1989.

Frame design copyright 2005 Giorgio Ghisolfi

Frame design, lamp and lamp design: copyright 2005 - 2013 Giorgio Ghisolfi.

Illustrated 3D Lamp as seen by the side

Illustrated 3D Lamp as seen by the side

Overview of the first floorArt exhibition on the stairs...On show 11 Polapaintings and 2 Illustrated PolalampsOur exhibition starts ascending the stairs...Vintage Polapaintings. Prints on canvasFrame design copyright 2005 Giorgio Ghisolfi.Stairs gallery with my polapaintings and the illustrations by Bloody Marge.Streets in Amsterdam, 1988. The second shot on the right is available as Illustrated Polalamp 3D.Cafè in Berlin, 1988.Our desk with some photographic prints made from original vintage Polapaintings...faces, gestures, movements...The 2nd floor seen from our deskTwo Polapaintings and one Illustrated 3D Polalamp at the top of the stairs...Illustrated 3D Polalamp "Cab in Miami Beach", 2001 and two vintage polapaintingsIllustrated 3D Lamp as seen by the sideDescending the stairs facing one Illustrated Polalamp and three vintage PolapaintingsThree vintage Polapaintings shot in Berlin 1989-91, printed on canvas.

SEPTEMBER 20 – 23, 2013
Art Event “Coontemporary Mood” at My Own Gallery inside the Superstudiopiù studios in Milan, via Tortona, 27.
Vernissage on Friday 20, 6.30 PM.
On exhibition and sale 13 Polapaintings. Also introducing the brand new Illustrated Lamps with Polaroid
manipulations for an outstanding 3D effect.
Free entrance 10.30 AM – 7.30 PM.
Dj set and apero on Sunday 22, 7.30 – 9 PM


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